Top 12+Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2018 To Watch Live Match Online

No matter what age group you belong to, sports is something that you would love to watch sitting at home, at collage with friends or simply while you are traveling. The world of sports is really entertaining and if you love any specific sports, let it be football, cricket, basketball or any other, you would definitely won’t want to miss your favorite teams match. Leaving behind the old trend of watching a match staying at home bunking college and taking a leave from office is long gone. Now we can watch any sports on free sports streaming sites to watch sports online. And using these sports streaming sites, we are able to stream any sports when and where we are on our Smartphone or tablet or laptop which we tend to carry everywhere we go. free movie streaming sites

And to watch our Favorite sports on these best sports streaming sites, all we need is an active internet connection. So if you are also searching for a source of watching sports from sports streaming websites, we have a list of the top 12+ best free sports streaming sites to watch sports online where you can watch your favorite sports online. You can also wish to record the streaming sports in case it is a live event and you are busy with work. So, let us have a look at the list of the sports streaming websites that you can use to stream any sports you want whenever and wherever you are.

Top 12+ Best Free Sports Streaming Websites To Watch NBA, Football, Cricket, Baseball Etc Match Online Free


FromHot is the best you can get from any sports streaming site. With this site, we will be able to watch live sports events and any other sports of your demand. So no matter if you want to watch football, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis or any other sports, you will be able to stream these sports channels if they are streaming on the TV as well. Not just that, FromHot made its way into the top of our list as they also offer local streaming sports.

We found this streaming site to be really user friendly as the site offered a simplistic design to help the visitor find the sports that they want to view easily. One of the most loved features of FromHot is that, you will be able to enter in your time zone to watch streaming sports from your time followed by other time zones.


WatchESPN is a streaming site for sports that can offer you with that you need and when you need. With a user friendly website, you can be sure to find that sports that you want to watch easily. All you need to do is visit the website and choose from the list of sports which are available right on the top. With WatchESPN you don’t have to worry about missing any of the sports that you love, especially for US sports which can be streamed easily.  Watch your local and also list of sports that are going to go live soon.

Vip League

This sports streaming site offers the visitor with the best out of cricket. Along with other sports like football, hockey and many more, if cricket is your favorite sports then this is the sports streaming site where you need to be. Watch from all the best events in crickets history, matches from long back times, record breaking events and many more. With a simplistic UI the VIP league provides with the best platform for cricket lovers. You can even watch other sports if you want to with HD streaming, recording and many more features.


Laola TV was one of our favorite free streaming sites to watch sports online. One of the best features of this sports streaming site is probably the match highlights streaming option which allows you to watch all the highlights of the match that you want to watch when you are in a hurry. And to make things more interesting, you can choose to watch from random sports that are always going live everyday on LaolaTv. So, if you are into watching different sports then this online sports streaming is defiantly for you.


Watching your favorite sports on Stream2Watch is like watching it live sitting on the front row. Enjoy the freedom of choosing from a variety of sports right from the homepage of the website. Watching any sports on this website will offer you an estimated time of the game, so you can plan to watch your next season of the other sports available on the website. With a simple user interface, the site is quite easy to use and has been approved by many even among my friends.


With BossCast you can stream any sports event let it be football, cricket, hockey or F1 races, rugby or any other local event sports that is being streamed in TV. This sports streaming site also offers with the time zone feature that allows the user to select streaming games that are going on live depending on the time zone provided. With BossCast you can spend as much time as you want watching different & amazing highlights of your favourite sports.

Batman Stream:

This website may not sound like a free sports streaming site but you will be shocked to know about all its contents. Choose to watch from all the sports that you want to watch even you want and where you want to. Watch different sports like Baseball, basketball, football and many more sports that you would love. You can even choose to live stream from a wide variety of sports that you will not find on many other sites to watch sports online.

FirstRow Sports:

If you are likely to stream your favourite sports live but you are unable to do so for a slow internet connection then FirstRow Sports is for you. Ranging from a variety of sports like cricket, soccer, rugby, F1 sports and many more which can all be streamed easily even when you don’t have a good internet connection.   And if you simply want to get updates on the live score, you can do that too with FirstRow sports live score features, which updates all the live scores within seconds of a new of live streaming of matches.


AllsportsLive is a online sports watching for those who want to watch their favourite sports on live stream but don’t have a good internet connection. But unlike the above mentioned sites, the quality of the video that comes with this sports streaming site will be a little on lower resolution. Through this don’t make streaming unwatchable, you can still watch the scores and a live stream whereas the other sports streaming sites might not work at all.


This brings us to the end of the top 10. Stream2U yet another sports streaming site that you can use when your internet connection is slow. Though the quality of the streaming is quite good, the site lacks the feature of streaming wide variety of sports. You can stream from only a handful of sports which may not even have your favourite sports. But if you find your favorite sports here on Stream2U then you can use this site to stream whenever and where ever you are.


FoxSports has been on the run for quite a while now. With over 20 million monthly visitors, this sports streaming sites has come to the top 11 because the website doesn’t feature a wide variety of sports. If you are only into cricket and football then this website can interest you. You will also be able to read a few trending news from the world of sports which are updated on a daily basis.

Yahoo Sports:

You might not have heard about Yahoo but you will defiantly love this website if you are in to sports news and short sports videos. This website was launched by Yahoo itself and has been running till now with the latest news from the world of sports.

CBS Sports:

This brings us to the end of our list of the free sports streaming sites, with CBS Sports holding the last position. But don’t just leap over the CBS Sports as an useless website, if you are really into watching sports which are lived from the American television then you will definitely find something that you might love to watch from CBS Sports. Choose form different videos, news and even game, making it a perfect sports entertainment website.

These were top 12+ best free sports streaming sites to watch sports online includes all the website that you can choose to watch for free. After all, we tend to find the best out of the free things that we can get, with the perfect source of sports streaming option and offering to avail without any premium/paid account. These sports sites can be accessed from anywhere you want using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. And if one of these sports streaming website doesn’t suit your needs, you can choose from the other 12 sports streaming websites that will offer you with what you need.

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