How To Fix DNS Server Is Not Responding On Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC

Fix DNS Server Is Not Responding: DNS server is not responding is one of the most common error in windows based computers. You might be aware of this issue that some times when we try to connect to the internet and face no internet access problem but you are sure that your internet is working perfectly. Then generally we use windows network diagnostics tool to check the problem and the diagnostics tool show this error “your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (DNS Server) is not responding” and as a daily internet user this is really annoying to me.

DNS Server is not responding fix

This DNS server is not responding error frequently appear on Windows 7 and 8/8.1 but some times this error comes on windows 10 too. And every windows user hates this dns error including me. So to get rid of this problem I’ve done a search and got solution which is tested by me on my windows pc and the method working and today in this article I’m going to tell you how to fix dns server isn’t responding error on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Reasons of DNS Server Is Not Responding Error

Here are some common problems which cause DNS error on windows pc while browsing internet. Though there are various element responsible for connection lose to server

  • The DNS service on your computer either corrupted or not working.
  • The website which you are trying to access may be down for some reasons.
  • The system firewall or your antivirus might have accidentally blocked the website or some sites which you are trying to access.

How To Find Out The Source of DNS Server is Not Responding Error on Your Computer?

  • First try to access internet from different browser and check if you are able to access internet on your pc or not. Suppose you are using chrome and getting dns not responding error then try different browser like Firefox or opera and try to access internet. If you are able to access internet on different browser, then clear cache and cookies from the previous browser or uninstall the browser and re install it.
  • Now check why you are getting this error, it is due to your IPS problem or device problem. To check it connect your smartphone or any other pc (if you don’t have then ask your friend) on same internet and check if you are able to access those websites or not. If you are not able to access internet on your smartphone or another pc then contact your ISP Support and explain everything and they will help to fix it.
  • If you are using firewall or any antivirus, then temporarily disable the antivirus and try to access the internet but if you don’t want to disable your antivirus then Try to access internet on safe mode with networking mode on your windows pc, if you are able to access the internet without the error then your antivirus or any 3rd party software software might be causing the problem.
  • But if you are not able to access couple of websites only then may be those websites are down due to some technical reasons or may be webmaster block your region to get access their websites.

Ways to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Fix Network Address

  •  Goto Start menu >> Control Panel>> Network and Internet>> Network and Sharing Center then from the left side bar click on Change Adapter Settings.

change adapter settings

  • Right click on your network adapter and select properties.

select properties

  • From the connection list click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) >> Properties


  • Now select “use the following dns server address” and put DNS server

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

  • Now check mark on Validate settings upon exit and click OK.

save DNS

These are Google DNS but if you want to open DNS then you can use them too as

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

  • Now open Command Prompt to do that go to Start Menu type cmd on the search bar and hit Enter and Command Prompt will open.
  • Now type this command IPCONFIG/ALL and hit Enter and Command will give you out put.

physical address

  • Now note down the Physical Address which is like 00-FF-D6-AA-A5-2E on the above screenshot
  • Next open RUN (PRESS windows key+R) and type NCPA.CPL and Hit Enter


  • Now from the Network and Sharing Center select your connection and right click on it and select Properties again.
  • New click on Configure and then click on Advance Tab.


  • Now select Network Address and select Value and then enter the Physical address on the empty box which you’ve noted down earlier. The physical address was 00-FF-D6-AA-A5-2E but you’ve to put it as 00FFD6AAA52E in the value section.

NETWORK address

  • Now Click on OK and Restart you Computer and connect to the internet without DNS error.

Flush Your DNS

Sometimes this error comes due to DNS conflict so in this case all you’ve to do is flush your DNS.

  • Goto start menu type cmd on the search box then right click on cmd and select Run as Administrator
  • Now type IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS in the command and hit Enter

flush dns

  • Now Reboot your system and connect to the internet

Disable Security Software

Sometimes DNS Server is Not Responding error on windows comes because of some security software or firewall. So try to connect internet on Safe mode With Networking, if the internet is working then disable your antivirus or security software for a moment and try to connect to internet if you are are able to access websites without DNS error then you should check your security software’s settings or configuration because might your security software or antivirus have blocked the site accidentally.


These were some working methods to fix DNS Server is not responding error on windows computer or PC. The above 1st method is worked for me. so if the 1st method did not work for you then try other two even trying all the methods is still the errors comes then reinstall windows. Hope the tutorial will help little bit to solve your problem. if you find this tutorial is helpful then do share.

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