Top 20+ Most Pointless And Useless Websites

If you are tired of watching YouTube Videos, continuously addicted to Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. then take a break and leave everything and watch the 20+ Most Pointless and Useless Websites. These websites are nothing special, simply stupid and also have crossed the limits of stupidity. All the top 20 pointless websites are completely confusing that what they are actually trying to do on the internet. You don’t believe me? Have a look into the pointless & useless websites which will make you watch again and again. And ultimately, you would be wondering why are you looking at these useless websites right now?

Well, on second thought they seem to be much interesting to entertain and amuse us for a short timing. When you visit any website you will encounter a list of important and knowledgeable articles and other tools for fun like the movie, videos, photos and much more. But all these websites which we are going to discuss below is nothing. There are no items added to the website. So before, you shut down your PC you must check on the website from the list below to make you feel stupid as well as calm at the moment.

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 Top 20+ Most Pointless And Useless Websites On The Web is an interesting website which will allow you to have calm and watch on the static seashore wallpaper for two minutes. The website content sea sight with sunset and also the sound of the seashore and waves with winds. This is actually relaxing and calming site but yet very useless, just pointless website to visit.


Heeeeeeey/Hoooooooo is another funny but interesting website where once you enter into the website, you will see nothing but only Heeeeeey along with the sound. The sound is actually quite rhythmic with party music. And interestingly, the site first comes as shouting a big Heeeeeey but soon after that it automatically switch to the other website i.e. Even in the, there is nothing but shouting Hoooooo with music. So these two sites rapid switch one after another and making Heeeeeey&Hooooooo sound continuously until you close it. So Annoying! Now, what should we talk about this website? When you open this website, you will find nothing but only blank page displaying whole time. There is no content coming out of this and nothing you can do with this website. It will simply open the blank page and that’s it! Nothing more, so pointless and useless but still existed on the internet.

Staggeringbeauty is the website, which is you will get some of the irritating things on the internet. When you open the website, you will see a long dark stuff by which when you shake the mouse cursor, the things will move too. And on shaking more frequently, it will destroy your screen.

EelSlap is another something funny as well pointless website which you will see a guy getting slap by something. At first, I don’t know what exactly is the thing which slapped the Guy but after seeing for 10 Minutes continuously, I realized it is an Eel. But to slap the guy, you must move your cursor as if you will hit the man.

Endless Horse is again another stupid website where on watching the first home screen you will find the ugly horse face. But then you have to scroll the page, and there you will find an endless horse leg which is never ending. Try it, you never find the Toe. is another website which is useless and is based on Twitter. You will see nothing in this website only the Twitter sharing icon. Click on the icon and you will get the embed code which you can share it on any social media. another useless website, where you can see only falling color again and again and so on. While the color is falling, you will hear a falling sound too, totally annoying and useless. will help you see lots of duck, there are ducks on right and also on left. But there is also a music which is actually fun, seeing the duck swinging and listening to the music.  is website shows the only mango, just keep staring at mango for a longer time. And stay watching on it for no reason. It is so annoying website that existed on the internet. is the finger website where you will see the finger pointing and also finger showing some idiotic sign. Take a look and have fun sharing with your friends. is another weird website where you can see a big screen, big bees and bees and women shouting bees. Totally useless site but you should have a look on it. is a very interesting website which is going to tell you how strong your password is? Once you enter your password then it will automatically predict how Good and safe is your password. Visit the website now and enjoy. is another useless website where a guy falls from the top of the screen and die. After he is death, your screen will appear with text saying “Bury Me With My Money”. There is nothing fun but just watch it, and see unlimited man will fall from the top. is the pointless website which comes nothing but a toad with the serious look but doing nothing. There is nothing to watch on this website simply wait for the Toad and watch him until you closed your PC. is a weird website which you will find first one round dot. And while moving your cursor continuously you will destroy the Dot and as a result, you will find a funny image. So keep destroying all the dots and find out what you get?

Do you like cats? if yes! watch lots of cats bouncing continuously on your screen. But this is pointless looking at weird cat bouncing. But if you like to watch it, then you can click here is a very sweet website where you will see a cute cube who is happy when you tap but when your cursor is out of the screen the cube becomes very sad. This is a useless website but yet its fun to play with the Cube. is a useless website but it seems to be very beautiful. When you start the website, you will see a tree growing taller and taller and gives you a creative tree with fruits and flowers. This is a must try website even though it is useless.

TheUselessWeb is the last in our list but it is a useful website where you can open the website and start searching for the useless app. This is actually a web search tool which will allow you to search different current useless website on the internet. And once you get redirected to the useless website, you will do nothing. Simply watch it!

So these are the Top 20+ Most Pointless & Useless Websites but when you are too tired and frustrated using social media and have no work to do then this will proof best. It will amazingly entertain you with its weird and funny images and ideas that come on your screen. As because you don’t have any work it is worth to look into these pointless websites to kick out your boring moments out. But we personally believe these useless sites are entertaining too which you can show your friends to laugh for some moments. Do you know any other such sites? Do share with us by commenting on the comment box given below.

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